Further updates

Hello Epic Gangers, me again. It’s been a while and as I’ve already said, I won’t post unless anything interesting happens, which it has’nt (relating to the Epic Gang). What I’m working on the Epic Gang right now is EGA scripts and when I’m not doing that I’m just doing other thungs on a different private subsidiary. I could already foresee that in the EGA development stage there wouldn’t be much posting and I was right. Even though I’m going to release a new video soon, I want to do something else for pallendrome day (02/02/2020) on a separate Vent subsidiary. So you won’t get much for a while, but stay tuned because we have a lot of things coming up and you’re going to love them!


Today is 1/1/2020. It’s the end of a decade so I thought I might do something for it. It’s a cool date to found a company, so that’s what I did!

You may be wondering why I don’t remember to post frequently, I have one job! Well, not really. I operate lots of private companies, and not in the sense you can’t buy shares – the companies are publicly inaccessible. Why? Because they are very much interlinked with my actual identity, such as my appearance and information about me. This company predates the Epic Gang by a number of years. Also because it means a lot to me I don’t want to introduce it in the wrong way. I find that making a post like this isn’t sufficient to reveal the name of it and what it does e.t.c. So I’m not going to! (yet) I made Vent (Its called that because I made a cool V combined with a ? and wanted it to be in a logo).

Vent is the public division of my private company, so if I make something publicly I can release it under Vent. This is also a company that links all of my companies I have contributed to even the ones I don’t own, like the Epic Gang or River (Epic Kitten’s holding company). I am drawing out a map of all the Vent companies and there are a lot! So now my secret organisation has a name, Vent Productions.

I will also make a Smash Bros video but that doesn’t have to be today

Merry Christmas

Usually I don’t post on Christmas because I don’t have anything to say, but I want to wish you a merry Chrismas regardless. We’ve gained 16 subscribers since last year XD because we weren’t really active on the channel but it’s a good amount of people for a small channel. I’m thinking of doing a slay with Epic Gang charecters as reindeers next year.

Regarding the website

Before I begin, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Decade!

My computer was completely full up with Epic Gang and Epic Kitten videos so I  had literally no room to work on the website, VsCode couldn’t write the file. But I am going to release a temporary website saying what I am doing so that you guys know what I’m up to and what am I going to do next.

Crossplay in Minecraft!

It took a while, but at last we have crossplay in Minecraft!

We’ve seen Epic Games’ Fortnite crossplay from PS4 and XBOX, while both companies (Sony and Microsoft) were very much competitors and wanted nothing to do with each other. So when the Better Together update came to Minecraft a year ago, I thought it meant crossplay and was really happy, but all it did was make sure all of the versions were the same across all platforms. But it’s really here! I can collaborate with Epic Hedgehog on his many PS4 worlds!

General Update

Hello friends! It’s been a while since I posted, but don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about the Epic Gang. After the summer break I was very busy in school and the time I had where I wasn’t really tired, I am working on a new video, with lip sync (to get me used to it on Epic Gang Adventures). I’ve never done lip sync before, and has seen barely any tutorials, but it came out great!

Ooh, Epic Gang Adventures will be good 😀

PS: I can’t believe I actually forgot about the website, I put a thing telling people to send your ideas for MullMC to us, so I’m gonna do a post on that in an hour because I’m doing something now.

Update: Fixed Site Security

“Your connection to this site is not fully secure”

That is your browser warning you that although the Epic Gang Website is secure, the images on it might not be. This means you can’t have a secure site with a mirror (iframe) to another site to bypass the security features. On the post Epic Owl’s Second Super Smash Tourney!, there was lots of images that started with http, not https (s means secure). So I fixed that because the images were secure but I told your browser it wasn’t by accident. Any page with a post like that should come up as not fully secure.

Epic Gang Adventures Scripts! + Channel Art


Digitally, I am doing nothing (other than working on a Mario Kart Computer Emulator game), but I am doing the scripts for EGA. I had a plan, but I don’t actually have the full scripts out. So far, there is 5 charecters:

  • Mull
  • Epic Hedgehog
  • Epic Kitten / Aral
  • Epic Owl
  • Sgt Narheeski – (police officer)
  • The Host – (???)

I really don’t want to give anything away but as profitable films produced and distributed would reveal things. I am doing a trailer so you will get more of an insight there. I am working more vigorously on the plot, seeing as it is a big part in the planning.

Other than that Happy Halloween! (channel art coming soon)

Read on for the channel art!

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Season 11

Short update

Ok, whats happening now is weird in the world of Fortnite, but I’m not getting my challenges done, I’m working on a video!