The Continuous Rising and Falling of MullMC

I haven’t been saying anything on the website at all in the past few months, because I have been busy. I’m taking my time doing the EGA script because I don’t want it to be rushed so at the moment I’m doing a lot of work with Epic Hedgehog. Now if I was releasing announcements I could probably turn this into multiple posts because a LOT has been going on. So I’ll try to start from the very start.
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oh yeah

It’s Easter! Other then the fact there is no work for school the holidays it seems like nothing has happened because my whole country is on lockdown. Epic Kitten got an Animal Crossing game and their equivalent is “Bunny Day”. I’ll need to change the channel art. I played the old Animal Crossing game and I played on the old one. Unlike the predecessors you can play 2 player but I was busy paying off my house loan in the old game. You can sell fossils you find underground or give it to the museum for “cultural development” so I only sell the ones that are already in the museums. In the new game you can only get eggs underground until the “Bunny Day” week is over so Epic Kitten is annoyed.  But I have nothing really to report back other then that the EGA script is coming on very well.

Doctor Who ROBLOX Items!

Because I have a bit more time in lockdown (I’m still doing schoolwork) I wanted to get things done and as a result I haven’t been playing that many video games. So Epic Hedgehog messaged me saying there is this TARDIS backpack I can get for a limited time and I looked it up and it turns out ROBLOX made four items free, the backpack, the Pterrible Pting (which hasn’t come into Doctor Who yet I don’t think) the Thirteenth Doctor and the Tenth Doctor. Continue reading “Doctor Who ROBLOX Items!”

Update: Changed around the About page

There will be a lot of changes to the Epic Gang website in the Mullafacation redesign, but for now I didn’t really want to fix anything on the website but there was something I noticed in the About Us section that I had copied and pasted the same text that said “to see our history, go to About” even though you were already on about, and the way I said “If you think you have a talent we could use” sounded like it’s some premium club where you would want to work there even though they treat you badly. When you join the Epic Gang, you’re a part of it, so nobody is treated better then otheres, even though we have a ranking structure it doesn’t dictate how well you are treated.

Belated Pi Day

A Pi pie

Yesterday was Pi Day and Epic Kitten baked this lovely pie with the Greek letter for Pi (Π) on it. Yesterday was the 14th of March (written in the USA like 3/14) and that is PI day because Pi is around 3.14. The number pi is the length of the outside of a circle (the crusty bit on a pie) divided by the line if you cut the pie in half. I’m not very good at explaining it without an animation, but you can look up some interesting videos on it.

Mullafacation Status

Mullafacation Status is the new name for What’s coming up… But not completely. What’s coming up will still be used for the Epic Gang but Status is the new service that will give you what I’m doing at the moment. I will put waht project I am working on, and if I’m not working on a project I will put “Busy”, “On a break, back soon” etc. I hope this helps people out just so they know that their projects aren’t being forgotten about. If you want to check it out yourself, go ahead.

COVID-19 and the future of What’s Coming up

So in the past week I have literally not gotten the time to post or contribute to Vent projects, between Epic Kitten’s birthday and my own schoolwork. I will be more active in the next few weeks because schools in the Republic of Ireland (EG’s headquarters) are shutdown due to a worldwide virus known as COVID-19 (colloquially referred to as The ‘Coronavirus’) being declared a pandemic. I didn’t post about it because it’s not something that belongs here. It is dangerous to people with weak immune systems and they were closed because they wanted to stop the spread. Hopefully it will have an impact and let people halt it. I will be releasing a company wide What’s Coming Up hosted on the Epic Gang so that I can easily update it in the 2 weeks I have off. In relation to COVID, I won’t say any more in case I spread rumours, but I will say that that the truth is all available on or your government’s news network like RTÉ or the BBC. Thank you for reading and stay safe.


Epic Gang is finally a Brand Account!

Since the start of the Epic Gang’s YouTube channel, it was just a Google account, meaning that I had to sign into Epic Hedgehog’s account to upload to the Epic Gang. We initially didn’t want to change it into a Brand Account because the comments would be deleted but Epic Hedgehog wanted a separate profile picture, so we separated the Brand Account from the Google account. There weren’t that many comments on it, and most of them were for announcements on the Epic Gang channel, and the others would have already have been seen. This means that multiple accounts can log into it, but be restricted only to posting YouTube videos, which is perfect for an organisation channel like ours.

Epic Hedgehog’s Birthday!

02/02/2020 is a palindromic date that reads the same forward and backward. With 33 days gone of the year and 333 days to go, it is Epic Hedgehog’s birthday once again! There wasn’t an event on so there isn’t as much to report on as last year, but it still was fun. The cross-play Minecraft wasn’t working because every user had to have a separate online PSN account to play online so we did tournaments in other games, some I’ve never heard before like Brawlhalla, so I learnt a lot as well. I was planing on revamping all my websites and releasing today because it was so numerically special but I didn’t get a chance, but it’s a cool day to have a birthday on!

Crossplay Fun


At last I got a chance to play crossplay Minecraft with Epic Hedgehog. He has a lot of world’s on his PS4 and the other amazing thing about crossplay is that everything updated to Bedrock Edition, which means there is commands! Hedgehog built this huge map which is really incredible (when he releases it you’ll get pictures or I’ll take a picture of it soon) and I know a decent bit about commands blocks, so I can make certain areas “unlock”, clear weapons before boss fights, and much more. We worked together as a team so it was really fun.